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Parallel to the one-day symposium on Saturday, VIScon will also consist of a three-day hackathon. The hackathon will grant the students an opportunity to build a real-world product, something which many students find lacking during their studies at ETH. Fifteen teams compete against each other in the hackathon while creating amazing apps aimed to improve the students’ lives or aid the volunteers at VIS. Each idea will have a stakeholder in order to be able to get rapid feedback on their work from a clients perspective. But given that it might be the first time they attempt such a project, having support from experienced software developers is an invaluable assistance.

We are therefore looking for mentors willing to either support teams throughout the entire weekend or provide their expertise on specific topics. In order to support teams adequately, we would be happy to have senior engineers with tech-independent experience on board.

The call for mentors will be open until the beginning of September. If you have any questions about it or want to become a mentor, contact us at hackathon@vis.ethz.ch.

Find all information as well as more details about the application process here.

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