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Since VIScon 18 was a huge success, we decided to keep all parts that worked well, but also added a few new things. Completely new for this year is our exhibition: a place where you can actually feel computer science on your fingertips.

In our imagination, this is the perfect playground for students to watch autonomous drones and robots, to immerse themselves in virtual reality, or to explore the various use cases of augmented reality.

The focus of this year’s VIScon will be on variety and interdisciplinarity. It enables our students to learn how computer scientists can bridge the gap to other disciplines and how engineers or researchers from a non-computer science background found their way into the IT realm. Therefore, at our exhibition you will find a superb spot to connect the world of computer science with both electrical and mechanical engineering as well as natural sciences.

This could be an unique opportunity for you to present the project you are currently working on. If you think that your work may fit into such a hands-on area and would like students to experience and try it out live, we would be honored to present it at our venue. We cordially invite you to give our students the opportunity to broaden their horizons by making your project available at the exhibition or by holding a talk about your exhibit’s details and uniqueness.

Make sure to check out our Call for Proposals for more detailed instructions on how to submit an exhibition item. Should this sound like an opportunity for you, feel free to share it with your colleagues and get back to us. We are very excited to receive your proposals by June 15th. In case there are any questions left at this point, please don’t hesitate to contact us personally.

Exhibition Flyer

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