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The newly introduced restrictions on events caused by the COVID-19 situation don’t allow a VIScon as we know it to take place this October. Therefore we came up with VIScon Digital - a special event for special circumstances.

To prevent larger clusters of people, VIScon Digital will be held over multiple days, starting on the 5th of October with the Hackweek. Talks, workshops and other side events will take place from Wednesday, the 7th, till Saturday, the 10th of October. While the participation at the Hackweek happens mostly from home, most other events will be live streamed and we will ensure that you can also ask your questions digitally. While everyone will be able to join us digitally, registration will be necessary for people wanting to participate on-site. Having a reduced amount of registered on-site visitors we can ensure contact tracing, room limitations are adhered to and distance as well as hygiene rules can be enforced.

VIScon is based on human interactions and with VIScon Digital we reduce these interactions to be able to fulfill the requirements set by the BAG and ETH Zürich, while still emphasizing our other core values. VIScon Digital will still be an event for everyone who wants to learn or be inspired of the fields of Computer Science, Engineering and Entrepreneurship. We hope to see you joining us for VIScon Digital and help us sharing distant knowledge - be it from your own home or in person!

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